Field of Medicine

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Prof. Hany Shawky Nadim



Our Vision

The faculty of Medicine – King Salman International University aspires to be a leader in the preparation of distinguished cadres in the field of scientific research and medical innovation, with competitive capabilities at the regional and global

Our Mission

Preparing professional medical cadres capable of using critical thinking and applying scientific research rules to identify and solve community health issues with competitive ability locally and regionally through advanced educational programs and providing a research environment incubated in partnership with regional and international scientific
research centers.

Our Core Values

Excellence in Performance

We strive to be the best in all that the universities offer in terms of education, academic research, creative expression and community service.


We keep our commitments, act consistently and fairly, and do what we say we will.


We respect equal rights and the balance between right and duty.


We understand the unique contributions of every person in the university community and to value diverse perspectives.


We provide a role model in the field of medical research.


We engag others with respect, openness and trust in pursuit of a common purpose, having regard for individuals, ideals and the institution as a whole.

Our strategic objectives

  • Becoming a regional center for outstanding scientific research centers.
  • Preparing cadres in the field of scientific research based on international standards.
  • Upgrading medical service providers in the field of clinical skills.
  • Providing medical and therapeutic services to patients in the East – Sinai Peninsula, Middle East and Africa according to international standards on academic grounds.
  • Raising the level of health awareness and the provision of medical services in accordance with international standards.
  • Partnering with universities and global research centers that adopt similar programs and research activities of common interest.
  • Implementing cooperation protocols with the World Health Organization and its regional offices for research participation.
  • Communicating continuously with the Egyptian Ministry of Health, to see the health problems and the changing situation, and to check the appropriate graduates for the tasks entrusted to them.
  • Developing courses periodically in the light of the continuous development of strategies to build medical curricula.

Major programs

The program adopts the latest medical education strategies applied in international medical schools.

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