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Our Vision

The Faculty of Nursing, King Salman International University would be outstanding in its performance and the quality of its programs; which would meet the community aspirations through its nursing services and scientific nursing research; the Faculty of Nursing will also actively contribute to the fulfillment of the economic and social development of the community.

Our Mission

The Faculty of Nursing offers a high-quality nursing program to graduate qualified nurses with the competencies
to provide holistic nursing care in different settings on the national, regional and international levels, and contribute to community service and development, as well as support scientific research and apply its findings for the purpose of
improving the quality of nursing care by keeping up with technological and scientific development.

Our Core Values


Accepting responsibility for achievement of common goals and objectives.


Embracing and acting on the responsibility to guarantee diversity and equity.


Providing students with an opportunity to engage in a lifestyle that contributes to their development.


Engaging others with respect, openness and trust in pursuit or a common purpose, having regard for individuals, ideals and the institution as a whole.

Social Responsibility

The Faculty of Nursing offers a high-quality nursing program to graduate qualified nurses with the competencies to provide holistic

Responsibility to Learners

Recognizing students as a first priority and providing the environment and support to ensure their academic and personal success.

Our strategic objectives

  • To graduate qualified nurses capable of innovative thinking through creating excellent multifaceted creative environment contributing to community service and meeting its needs; also capable of competition in the national, regional and international labor market.
  • To promote community collaboration and the contribution to improving the health of the individual, family and community and continuously raise health awareness to upgrade the nursing profession through nursing programs based on community needs.
  • To develop and employ scientific research for innovation in nursing sciences; and utilize research evidences in solving health problems in patient care and the development of the nursing profession.
  • To strengthen and establish partnerships with healthcare organizations and national, regional and international
    beneficiaries through the development of strategic partnerships and professional cooperation to maximize the quality of education and training for the purpose of offering excellent nursing services.
  • To utilize scientific research to develop nursing care in order to identify health problems and develop a strategy to solve them which will have a positive impact on the individual, family and community.

Major programs

The program offers knowledge, clinical training and learning experiences in nursing sciences that help to graduate qualified competent nurses who are able to meet the health needs of all members of society at different ages and at different levels of healthcare.

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