Field of Administrative Sciences


Prof. Mohamed Sherif


Administrative Sciences

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a world-class renowned international business school which aims to deliver excellent academic and professional education and develops leaders and innovators for a future they can shape.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an academic environment to help produce, disseminate, and market new knowledge, inspire new global perspectives in the future of work, influence in building a responsible future for business and society, develop an inclusive culture with entrepreneurial character, and drive excellence in research, innovation and education.

Our Core Values

Entrepreneurship and Excellence

We're committed to enabling our staff to realise their ambitions in teaching, research, practice, to realize an outstanding educational experience for students.


Serving our scholarly community by delivering consistently high-quality programs, teaching, service, and scholarship.

Partnership and Integration

Embed and evaluate internationalisation in all that we do and contributing to the advancement of society by building partnerships with students, alumni, business and industry, government bodies, accrediting agencies, and the community.


Providing opportunities for interaction among students from different cultures, and encouraging to interact with society through internship and social activities.


Develop an inclusive culture that encourages and support the discovery and application of knowledge in teaching and learning through vibrant collaboration with our stakeholders.


Providing students with the opportunity to be involved in the environment which will empower them to develop their personality and pave their road for success in the knowledge economy and society.

Our strategic objectives

  • To enrich our academic work in the pursuit of excellence in education, research and knowledge exchange through collaboration with international institutions.
  • To improve the quality of the educational process through the use of high-quality educational materials adapted to fit the local and regional environments.
  • Equip the new generation of scholars and maintain their readiness for the rapid challenges of modern investigation and the workplace.
  •  To cooperate with educational institutions, governmental departments, and the industry to drive the development wheel towards excellence. 
  • Offer professional development opportunities and providing micro professionally accredited courses.

Major programs

Students learn to identify appropriate accounting and financial techniques for planning and control purposes, both in the local and international contexts. 

Students learn how to understand the role of financial management in private and public sectors business organizations.

Students learn how to manage the marketing process and create value for the organization and its stakeholders.

Students learn to apply basic skills and competencies related to different managerial functions.

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