Architecture Program

Program Director:

Prof. Dr. Khaled Ali Youssef



Annual Tuition Fees:

69,000 L.E

Bachelor’s Degree Architecture Program


There are two programs in the Faculty of Architecture at King Salman International University, namely the Architecture program and the Urban Design program.

Architecture is the art and science of creating buildings, while the urban design is the art and science of creating physical spaces in and between sites. Hence, urban design is the link between urban planning and architecture.

While architecture is concerned with the design process in design studios, architectural engineering is more concerned about design development and the integration between the design product and building systems.

The design studio is a teaching-learning environment, where students can learn not only from faculty members but also from their peers. Students analyze and develop innovative solutions to contemporary problems using a variety of media (freehand drawing, physical modelling, and digital media). The design studio environment encourages students to work collaboratively based on a “learning by doing” educational ethic.

  • 5-year architecture-oriented teaching plans, with no preparatory year
  • Graduates are eligible to be enrolled in the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate
  • The Faculty of Architecture is in the city of Sharm El Sheikh, which is characterized by tranquillity, safety, and high quality of life

Any student who gets the minimum score required for the Faculty of Architecture and who successfully passed the admission exams, and the interview could apply for one of the two programs.

Each student can choose his/her specialization before the first academic year.

Each student can change his/her specialization during the first academic year after the approval of his/her academic advisor. 

Each student can choose from the elective courses that the program offers. 

If you need further help, you can contact your academic advisor.

As per the teaching plan, it takes ten semesters/five years to complete the degree.

To be awarded the degree, each student must study 56 courses.

To get the degree, each student must complete 165 credit hours successfully.

The program requires the student to complete the graduation project in the last semester.


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